Hard Case for CHUWI U BOOK X

I really want to buy an U Book X but there’s nowhere I can find a Hard case for this product.

I mean a case like otterbox, those cases that have a rubber body and a hard plastic skeleton.

Do you know any model from any other brands that I could buy a hard case for this?

I really need this, wont buy again a tablet without a proper case.

I hope other users may help you, also i will pass this to product team, maybe they can think on develop something on future.

You guys make one I buy it right away

I made myself one

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i will ask if possible in future we can make the case

Somebody fund this hero. You’re the hero we all need. Make it a reality :sob:

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Thank you for your kind words)))

if someone prints the case, please leave feedback on what to change in the model.
I printed it out, and I see a couple of things that I want to change

Do you have the keyboard? because i think that is why we did not create a case, as the problem would be to connect the keyboard. But that design is quite cool. Anyway i will pass to product team, that customers really need a case for Ubook X.

No, I use pad+stylus only)

That seems like a decent case! I’m following this trend actively because I really want one.

I’m looking for flaws to recommend you changes but it does actually seem pretty robust + covers all sides and corners, this seems like a solid case, excellent work Arty911, amazing skills.

As for the keyboard, I just saw that it comes with an detachable keyboard, which is nice, but it seems that CHUWI team designed the product to be placed just under the tablet which is an unintended flaw, since this problem is pretty much solved with a wireless/Bluetooth keyboard.

Arty911, if you’re open to make a pre-sell of this case before CHUWI invites you to become enterprise associate, let me know :joy:.

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Yes, I made a case without taking into account the keyboard, because I wanted to buy a Windows tablet with an active stylus)) I’m a builder, I just need to quickly draw something on a photo or drawing. I ordered a Bluetooth keyboard, but this is not the main way to use it. Perhaps later I will order an original keyboard and try to come up with a case for this option))

I think if Chuwi wants to release a product, they will find a more qualified designer :grinning:

I’ve redone the case a bit. The frame is now all around the perimeter. but I ran out of the right filament))) as soon as I receive the order and check it in print, I will post a link to the updated model.

My friend would you be open to sell one of your cases on demand? please I’m very interested. reach out to me whatsapp…(Edited by CHuwiSpainSupport, please send them a DM not leave your phone here :wink:

Hi! The Whatsapp number has been deleted by the administration)) please tell me which country and city. Let’s try to do it) if you don’t have a printer, maybe we’ll find a neighbor in the 3d community) Or I’ll check if it’s possible to send a package from us to your country.