UBook X is coming

:sparkling_heart:UBook X is on sale :sparkling_heart:

The new “UBook X” of the 2IN1 tablet PC “UBook” series has finally made its debut!
The keyboard is free to those who buy UBook X during the event
Time: July 30 ~ August 8
Don’t miss the chance
Product page :point_down:

Se vende desde España?

I’ve a few questions about the UBook X.

  1. Does it come with the styleous?
  2. What type of digitizer does it have?
  3. How well does it work as a drawing tablet?
  4. Which drawing software does it comfortably run?


Hi Chuwi, when will you ship my order placed on 5 Aug? Also on-one has response to my emails sent to store@chuwi.com, can someone from Chuwi please get in touch with me as I have some query on my order. Thank you very much.

oh wow this is going to be awesome!

I ordered this product on August 1st and have not received notification of this being shipped. I have sent two emails and received no response. Is there any update on when these are supposed to ship?

@Management Please let us know what the current status is with our orders as store@chuwi.com is not responding to our emails.

Could someone please tell me how to cancel an order that has not been shipped? If I can not get a simple response to a question about when my order will ship it causes me to lose confidence in the product and future support. Thank you.

I ordered on July 30 and still haven’t received a shipment notice, and they haven’t responded to the two e-mails I sent over the past 24 hours. At this point I’m considering disputing the credit card charge.

Delays happen and that is understandable. But no communication after several emails is a serious red flag to me. I wanted to give this brand a try because of some positive reviews on tech websites but I am frankly concerned by the lack of service.

I ordered on August 9th and still haven’t received a shipment update, chuwi store doesn’t responded to my e-mail that was sent day ago. Please tell me how to cancel my order.

They finally canceled my order after I sent several e-mails asking for it.

Fantástica noticia, muchas gracias por tu trabajo rob y confío en que Chuwi envíe rápido los equipos. Por otro lado parece lógico lo sucedido, a las marcas les es muy rentable publicitar que agotaron en horas o días el primer envío, que ha superado sus expectativas de cara a su lanzamiento y posicionamiento futuro y este parece un buen producto para utilizar esa técnica que ya hemos visto en otras marcas

Just received my shipment confirmation from Chuwi, and the DHL tracking number. Based on the information on DHL website, it said that “shipment not yet picked up by DHL”. That’s all for now. Hopefully i can update you guys on some good news 48hrs later.

Hello all,

Same as @Phillip. Just received a shipment confirmation email. I’ll keep checking the DHL tracking to monitor any movement on the order, but at least things are happening now!

Finally shipment status has been updated to fulfilled. DHL tracking number now available.

Now lets see how fast DHL can deliver the ubook x to our doorstep.

I ordered before 8.8 so i get free keyboard. And i see that the price has gone up now. So i am quite lucky to be able to buy for under 400.

Thanks chuwi.

My order shows as “Picked up” now on the DHL website!!!
Current estimated delivery of Monday, the 24th of August.

Tambien he recibido correo de confirmacion de envio y fecha aproximada de entrega para el 24 de Agosto. Han cumplido!!
Ya falta menos :smiley:

4 days after getting DHL tracking number, and status is still “shipment not picked up”…speechless…anyway based on my tracking number, the DHL unit in-charge is “DHL Express”, sent an email to query and hope DHL will speed things up from here. Crossing my toes plus my fingers…