UBook X is coming

:sparkling_heart:UBook X is on sale :sparkling_heart:

The new “UBook X” of the 2IN1 tablet PC “UBook” series has finally made its debut!
The keyboard is free to those who buy UBook X during the event
Time: July 30 ~ August 8
Don’t miss the chance
Product page :point_down:

Se vende desde España?

I’ve a few questions about the UBook X.

  1. Does it come with the styleous?
  2. What type of digitizer does it have?
  3. How well does it work as a drawing tablet?
  4. Which drawing software does it comfortably run?


Hi Chuwi, when will you ship my order placed on 5 Aug? Also on-one has response to my emails sent to store@chuwi.com, can someone from Chuwi please get in touch with me as I have some query on my order. Thank you very much.

oh wow this is going to be awesome!

I ordered this product on August 1st and have not received notification of this being shipped. I have sent two emails and received no response. Is there any update on when these are supposed to ship?

@Management Please let us know what the current status is with our orders as store@chuwi.com is not responding to our emails.

Could someone please tell me how to cancel an order that has not been shipped? If I can not get a simple response to a question about when my order will ship it causes me to lose confidence in the product and future support. Thank you.

I ordered on July 30 and still haven’t received a shipment notice, and they haven’t responded to the two e-mails I sent over the past 24 hours. At this point I’m considering disputing the credit card charge.

Delays happen and that is understandable. But no communication after several emails is a serious red flag to me. I wanted to give this brand a try because of some positive reviews on tech websites but I am frankly concerned by the lack of service.

I ordered on August 9th and still haven’t received a shipment update, chuwi store doesn’t responded to my e-mail that was sent day ago. Please tell me how to cancel my order.

They finally canceled my order after I sent several e-mails asking for it.