Coreboox X out of Stock

Hi all,

Apologies if this is the wrong forum. I’d love to buy a Corebook X, shipped to Ireland, but they are all out of stock in Europe. Does anyone on here know when they will be available again, or where I could find such info?



Hi, @Beaufort1967

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There is no official date for the restock of the Corebook X, you can try to check the Status on other Stores like gearbest or AliExpress.

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@Beaufort1967 You will find the Stores here

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Thanks for replies. I checked on Friday and it was back in stock in Spanish store so bought there. I had emailed before then to check availability and they came back yesterday to say it would be available in late March :yum:

It’s currently out of stock and I’m waiting to get a delivery day.

So, I’ll wait and see. Maybe they got a return and I was in the right place to order.

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@Beaufort1967 I’m just like you waiting for a laptop from Spain. Let’s wait together :slight_smile:

Did you get a shipment date yet?

No, “Fulfillment Status” is “Unfulfilled”

The wait goes on. :grinning:

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I m waiting too, i buy on 20th feb, but still like you.

I received my Corebook X yesterday. Already done all the necessary tests. The only thing that bothers you is the fans.

Good news! Did you get tracking info before that, or did it just arrive?

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10.03 Chuwi Store sent me a track number for UPS delivery, the laptop was easily tracked


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has your laptop already been shipped to you?

No, no notification of shipment yet.

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When did you order, by the way? I have seen in another thread that orders before 20th Feb would be shipped by March 10, otherwise it’s end of March.

I ordered Corebook on 11.02.

Thanks for update

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Hopefully the laptop will ship soon. Do not worry