I bought a CoreBox 7 February and I know nothing about the shipment

Hello, 12 days ago I bought a Corebox, exactly on February 7, 2021 and I still have no news about the shipment of the Corebox. How can I know when it will be shipped? I bought it because it stated that they had a warehouse in Spain. Thanks

Do you still have the purchase status “Fulfillment Status-Unfulfilled”?

Yes, it says that but from day one, what does it mean?

"Chinese New Year Break (Feb. 7 - 20) ,All orders placed during this period will only be shipped after February 20th.Thank you for your understanding. "

@Papisounds do you have any changes in the purchase status?


I already have it, thank you very much!

I’m sorry, but I’m not from Chuwi support, I’m just a user like you. I bought a CoreBook X from a warehouse in Spain and still there is no change in the shipping status

Please be a little more patient, shipping will be done shortly. You have to bear in mind that they have been celebrating the Chinese New Year until the 20th and your order may have been affected.

Still no changes?
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Hi, @CanMK
In warehouses in Europe, all the laptops were sold. No problem, I’ll wait for the next batch.

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Otherwise you can Contact the EUROPVIP Support.
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