Chuwi Corebook X shipping

Hi guys, i ordered a corebook x on 23rd of february and i didn’t receive a ship tracker yet, anyone in my same situation?

Hi, I’m in the same situation. Almost 1 month and I’m still looking forward with receiving the HiPad Plus.
Support or Sales dosn’t answer…
Today I’ve got from the Post Office that they stopped shipment because Chuwi has not paid for shipping. But I’ve paid compleme summ ofthe order and it was said that I had freeshipping due to order over 150,01.
All that pretty weird. If I don’t get my parcel I will Spamm all the Internet not to buy anything on this store…

Same situation…Ordered a corebook x on 29th of February

I’ve got an answer from support today and seems my parcel on the way to me again :slight_smile: So, maybe You have to wait a bit also… or try contact on

Did you receive a ship tracker or just another mail?

I’m in the same situation… Before CHUWI was at least replying to my email… Now no response at all. I’m going to report it to PayPal