Laptop not shipped after 2 months

Hi all,
I ordered a Corebook X 14 on the 27th of February from the official store (Order #5382).
After more than 2 months, I have not received my laptop yet and the status on the web store is still “Unfullfilled”.
I sent some emails to to ask for news about my laptop. They delayed the shipment already twice. They told me that it would have been shipped at the beginning of April and then on the beginning of May. But the status of the order is stil “Unfullfilled”.

Moreover, they are not answering my emails anymore.

I am starting thinking they have stolen my money. Is there anyone who can help me?

It is very strange what you indicate, I do not have direct contact with anyone in Chuwi, but I will try to make your message heard.
Write to and send me the email by private message from this forum


Thank you for your support. I sent an email to However, the forum doesn’t let me send you private messages.

Exactly the same story, the order from Frb 22 not shipped yet. No response to emails, responded but declined to provide any details since they are handling only post-sales issues. If it is not shipped this month I’m gonna open a dispute via PayPal and leave very bad feedback everywhere I can.

Waiting for a Corebook X since early March. Got an email from Chuwi this morning saying the Corebook X is no longer an option, offering a Corebook Xe instead, half-tempted to wait for that, but it’s been a terrible customer experience.