Gemibook Delivery

Why is my delivery taking so long? I ordered from the Spain warehouse on Aliexpress, it’s been 6 entire business days and still no tracking number, and still no answer from Aliexpress’s Chuwi AfterSales service. It’s outrageous. I’m going on vacations soon, I needed that laptop, I ordered it confident it would come fast as advertised and as the warehouse is in Spain. (Delivery to France)

Same over here, invalid “old” tracking number, no response of the supplier. please figure this out Chuwi.

Same here - ordered on 15th September (Spain warehouse) but still not shipped and no reply from chuwi…

Ordered on the 16th and feel conned. Given a tracking number and then it was replaced with a different one and I thought I was making progress (when it said parcel was sorted in France) and then it went back to old tracking number with no details. No response from CHUWI except bland stock answers. Aliexpress not much help either. CHUWI if you are reading this its worse staying silent on the matter, please be transparent and tell us all here where are our GEMIBOOKS?.

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Can anybody confirm if the USB C supports charging? I take it that I will need a 45w Type Charger if it does? Chuwi sent me the wrong adaptor with the laptop.

I do not have the Gemibook, but if I have seen a YouTube video and in it they comment that they have not managed to load it through port C. If I manage to obtain a test unit I will review it and write here

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Ok cheers, I have ordered a 45w USB Type C charger and fingers crossed it can charge the laptop. Also I have read here that it does.

Just hope the charger I have bought will work.

I can confirm that a third party USB Type C 45w chargers will charge the GemiBook.

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Hi guys!! How long did it take for Chuwi to deliver their product?

@pran it usally takes 3-5 days

@CanMK Thanks for the reply… unfortunately i ordered it directly from Chuwi as Corebook X is not available in Amazon… I ordered it two days ago…

@pran Do you got your CoreBook now? And are you satisfied?

I’m in the same situation… Ordered CoreBook X in Feb 2021. Before CHUWI was at least replying to my email… Now no response at all. I’m going to report it to PayPal

Waiting is pretty boring and it can piss you off when you’re buying something and you need it pretty fast. I remember when I’ve bought a lamp from China and I had to check china post package tracking in order to see where’s the location of the package. It was simply taking too long and I needed that for some projects related to photography. Try to contact customer service, since they’re the only ones that can help you with this matter. Hopefully, you’ll be able to solve this matter and get what you’ve bought in time. You can even ask for compensation for this