ChuwiHi8 Pro SDCard and WiFi-Problems


  • I´m new in these Forum and have three questions:
  • Can I use German in this Forum or is it better to use English (perhaps my English is sometimes not so good :slight_smile:)
  • I have Problems with my Hi8pro it doesn´t find any SD-Card under Android and Windows. The card was only one short moment registersed when I pull them in. When the card is inside correct the Hi8 doesn´t find them.
  • Because of the missing SD-Card I updated Windows from 1607 to 1903 with an external USB-Stick for to extend not enough Disk-Space in the Hi8. In the update-status came there the message Fix issues but this doesn´t work because since this update the WiFi-Connection was corrupted and I get no WiFi anymore. Can I download the Network- and other drivers from the Hi8 because I think with this update my Driver from Wlan was smashed.

I hope You can help me. Please tell me if is it a mistake two questions to ask in one theme.

Have a nice day and stay healthy.

1、English is the first choice
2、Please tell me the serial number

Hello Management,

thank You for Your fast answer.

I was to complicated :slight_smile: First I look under Windows and then under Android for the serial-Number. But I think I didn´t find them under the OS.

The Serial on the back side of the Hi8 is Hi8 PQ32G22170902554

Have a nice day

According to your description, this may be an SD card problem (have you tried another SD card?).If the replacement or can not read, it may be the motherboard card or CPU caused by the problem.In the latter two cases, you need to contact our aftersales department (

I hoped its a driver Problem and so I wanted to take the information where I get the drivers for the Hi8pro. I bought it in December 2017 so it will coast money with the aftersale service. I think this isn´t worth it because I have seen on Youtube that this problem have a lot of users. So I think it´s a serial mistake from the Hi8pro.
Now I have another problem. After to try to make a windows-update my WiFi only works with android. After this update the WiFi connection suddenly is damaged. I only came in Network-Connection with an USBC/Lan-Adapter.