Connect Lapbook Pro to monitor

Cant connect my lapbook pro to a Samsung monitor through HDMI port C.
Black screen.

Monitor works well with other pc

Need help

Are you trying to connect monitor through type-c? Type-c port does not support video output.

Yes I’m using an HDMI adapter with usb, card slots, etc(Amazon).
If this doesnt work what should I buy?


You can connect monitor with micro HDMI to HDMI cable.

This is the adapter Im using

Yes, such an adapter will not work. Micro HDMI is provided for video signal output, type-c port can only transfer power and data.

Only this type of cable will work

Ok thanks for your help.


Does it work here?
Video HD port is the same as micro HDMI?

Sorry for the very basic questions…


Ok. Really helped me

thnaks it help me, i am facing this issue from last 2 days. thanks a lot

I have an HDMI cable to USB, and when I plug it in, the Lapbook doesn’t recognize it. Help!

You need to use HDMI to micro HDMI cable.

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