HDMI via USB C Hub?

Hi, I have a Lapbook Pro (8 GB) and already tried 2 USB C Hubs. One thing never worked: HDMI. Has anyone ever succeeded at running a 2nd display via HDMI via a USB -C Hub and if so which one???


Hey, I’m sorry if this is actually intended to work like thus, but… afaik… USB have 4 pinouts (4 contacts, GND, 5VCC, and two for data transfer), HDMI got several, different contacts for transferring other data. How would you interface an USB to an HDMI output anyway?

This lapbook has microHDMI, so probably type-c doesn’t have video output.

Thanks Biosham, I agree, it could be. But my hope was to get here a precise answer like yes, type can do Hdmi or no it just can’t…