Corebook X 2022

Hi all!

Could you please share if anybody tried to upgrade RAM in new Corebook X 2022 (with i3-10110) by inserting 32 GB RAM module? I have 16 GB RAM model and think about changing 16 GB module to 32 GB, but there is no information about support such modules by this laptop.


First, you have one single slot used with 16gb? if so, better to add 16gb on the second slot than changing your 16gb for a 32gb for one single reason. If you use two memory modules, you will benefit from Dual Channel which improves a lot the performance of the laptop.

CoreBook X 2022 has a single DDR4 slot, meaning you can’t add more RAM to the current setup.

Thanks to all for answers.

I know about 1 slot.
The question is: did anybody change 8/16 RAM module to 32 GB RAM module? I’m afraid of any vendor locks for maximum memory.

hello all,

Didn´t see i3 version inside. By the description I though we would have 2 slots or 1 slot and some memory soldered. It seems not. In this case if you remove 16gb it should be possible to add 32gb module since processor is capable to handle up to 64gb.


This a picture of the i3 10110U, for future reference :slight_smile:


First, thanks a lot for the picture. This may help further cases.

Second, I´s said that CHUWI left only one slot and no more soldered memory. Also, I could notice that we have only one SSD slot in i3 model, sad as well.

I would say, answering the original question, that 32GB module should work, you will only lack the dual channel capability.