COrebook X doesn't boot

I’ve entered in BIOS, changed some parameters, rebooted and now i have a black screen only! How to restore the BIOS please? Tried ESC several times but doesn’t enter BIOS, so i am lost


Hello, you disassemble the machine, unplug the battery power supply, and reinstall it to see if it can be turned on.

it worked !!!

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Thanks for feedback. It would be useful for other users in the forum.

I’ve had this problem too lately.
You have to drain the battery down do 0, so when you click the power button, the LED’s don’t light up
Just leave the laptop on for the whole night, and then the laptop will turn for a few seconds on. Next you need to click the power button to the moment the laptop does not light up the led’s. You can plug a USB light if you have to help it drain the battery.
After that the laptop should be good, and working properly.

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