Corebook X - i5 7267u - Windows 10 Drivers

Serial : CBookXQ256G20103664
Can i get a link for Windows 10 Drivers?
Laptop does’nt have sound because of missing driver

Error on chuwi website

These are the original files that came with the computer, we dont have other updates.

Thanks. I will try the file later

The file does not work…
Does anyone have drivers for Chuwi CoreBook X i5 7267u?
Recently Reinstalled Windows 10 and I need the Drivers for it.
My Serial Number is: CBookXQ256G20103664

That is weird, it should work, ;(.
I send here the batch of Serial Numbers in which your is included in case someone who have those can help and send them:

CBook XQ256G20102001- CBook XQ256G20105000