Corebook X owners' telegram group (Club)

I’ve seen that we are all always searching through the internet and forums here for relevant issues and questions regarding our newly experience with Corebook X.
Hence, I believe that having a group to chat directly and share experiences(images) would save lives.

Telegram link: Telegram: Join Group Chat

P.S. it’t not an official group from Chuwi

In my opinion, it is better to describe all your problems on the forum, here you can also share problems. Many people do not use telegram and it will be easier for them to search for information on the official forum, than to look for a solution in correspondence in the telegram group.

P.S. I ordered a Corebook X. I’m waiting for it to arrive.

Yes of course, this group doesn’t neglect the role of the forums for sharing problems. But I believe that sometime people need to solve this problem through chatting directly with other owners. so it may be option for you to choose a forums support or just ask for it on the group and ready to chat. All regards to you and good luck with your upcoming corebook <3

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