Corebook x don’t charge


I buyed my corebook X yesterday and it’s full of problem. Please help me.

Firstly the fan is going crazy , weird noise going 100% all the time for nothing.

And then the battery won’t charge after only 24 hours of use!

It’s unacceptable.strong text

Finally , the battery works. The indicator is just not accurate and sometimes it show the real indicator (95 instead of 20 all the time) How can I fixe this issue of indicator being innacurate ?

By the way for my fan problem I decided to open the pc and unplug it …. I work in a office it’s disrespectful to other when you have a pc that is as noisy than a truck.

For those who want to fix the fan problem on the corebook x … my temperature is good without it and don’t go up (average 40 50celcius) btw if some of you guys have also a weird noise that is like a squirrel doing noise , it is the fan and unpluging it stop this weird noise