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@Management, please.

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I have a problem with the fan. Whenever I do anything on the corebook x (for example open chrome, start netflix app, use office products) the fan goes to 100 percent and is super loud. I have tried to control the fan manually via programs, but unfortunately that is not possible.

What can I do?

check the temperatures. some (like mine) got shipped with little to no thermal grease.
if your temps are High open the machine and resolve, of you can.

make sure that the vents underneath are no blocked by anything you may be resting the corebook on. It draws cool air in from underneath and blows it out the back so if vents are blocked it will overheat and up the fan. Otherwise its cooling plan can be changed in bios.

I have the CoreBook X for 5 days and the fan is hardly heard. Only when starting Windows and in some sporadic occasions. While it is totally silent and works fluently with many open Chrome tabs


mine stays around mid 40s temps while idle/light work, occasionally it goes over 50 °C, and highest temperature I reached during office work + youtube was 62 °C for a second or two. So I think thermals are fine in my case.

But the fans kicks in almost every time the frequency of one of the cores goes higher (switching Chrome tabs, opening Facebook…). And it kicks for like a 2-3 seconds and goes back silent, which is probably more obtrusive than having it on low frequency much longer. Anyone found a solution?

During writing this text it kicked in only once. Strange.

Ok facebook seems to be a big driver of fan noise.