CoreBook X fan noise, backlit delay

Hi, my Corebook X kicks in fan every time I load a website or launch an app. It does like 3 short blows 1-2 secons apart, with more content on the website, it can be longer . But it’s super annoying. Temps are mostly in 43-47°C zone with some very short peaks over 50 or 60. Fan behavior seems to be tied with boosting to max frequency. Anyone found a solution for that? Bios settings seem to be ignored completely.

Also backlit has some random delay up to 3 seconds after touching a key. It also seems to be affected by the CPU frequency.

Same two problems on the Gemibook Pro. I talked to Chuwi Service and they only gave me the chance to send it to them and get the device repaired.

As my device is completely new (about 10 days) I’ll return it and get my money back. It’s a pity because except this two issues the laptop is great but Chuwi doesn’t seem to worry about it and solve it via BIOS update or something similar.

There is a option in the BIOS: Thermal Configuration, you can turn off your Fans or make it running slower.
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I know, but it doesn’t do anything. Like half of bios settings on this laptop.

Youre right,
this BIOS is so crazy.