Backlit Delay on Chuwi Corebook X


I just received my Corebook X! Amazing poduct.
I managed to fix the issue with the noise of the fan ( by changing the Bios setting, I am still testing it).
I was wondering if someone know how to manage the random delay on backlit keyboard, and if it’s possible to keep the light always on.

Thank you all for your support, i will keep you posted whether the fan will continue to work properly in the coming days.


Hi, please tell me when did you order your laptop and from which country’s warehouse?

Hi Alaim,

I ordered my laptop from Aliexpress, fast delivery to Luxembourg.


Hi, does your bios fix for noisy fan work?
What did you setup there? Because my BIOS seems to do nothing regardless of values I put there.

My fan seems to be turned on based on frequency change. Only limiting CPU power to 50% helps.

The random backlit delay cannot be fixed I’m affraid.

I’ve been waiting a long time for the shipment, and now it’s okay.

Same problem with gemni 14"…never got a response from chuwi

No redponse re: keyboard backlight delay, no other issues