Corebook X users manual

I need to find a users manual for my new Corebook X. I have the one it came with, but the print is too small for these old (70 yrs) eyes to see clearly. other than that I LOVE the unit. I added a 1 Tb drive to it. Its fast, quiet and needs a new manual. Please help!
Arnie Westfall
P.O. box 112056
Anchorage, Alaska

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Is there no option to increase the font size to make reading easier?

Change the size of text in Windows 10.

Hi Chuwi Support folks,

Please post a PDF file or a link to a PDF file for customers who purchased a 2021 CoreBook X?


It’s not about Windows. It’s about the font size in the hardcopy manual being too small to read.
We would like a PDF file where each user may choose her preferred font size.