Corebox 4th No sound

SN: ZCoBoxIW2P231201168
By in Russia 18/04/2024

When the PC boots, I have no sound in my headphones. All drivers are installed. But if you pull out the headphone jack, play any sound and insert the connector back, the sound starts playing. After restarting, there is no sound again.

Can you try to reinstall this, and see if it would solve it?


I had the same issue with my CoreBox and reinstalling the drivers only fixed it one time : After a second reboot, no sound anymore. I never achieved to have sound permanently with the Jack.

The unique solution for me was to use a USB/Jack converter to plug the sound, but it “uses” 1 USB port…

And unfortunately I cannot retest it because my CoreBox is in repairing since December 2023.


Thanks for that Info Contrect.

@Fedor Tech asked me for a video. and see if when you plug the earphones it appears the icon on of headphones on the the sound icon in the right near the time clock.