Cw1520 hi12 q64g45171002087

hello, please i need android and windows for my tablet: cw1520 hi12 q64g45171002087.
Could anyone help me? where can i download them? Thank you



thanks, now I will download and try … a few days ago I mounted a 5.1 firmware supplied by chuwi, but I did not check which series it was for, then the touch did not work, the G sensor. So I understood that the firmware was not nagari correct, as far as I understand, each model has its own!

I tried to mount Android but the touch does not work well for me … the g sensor does not work for me, why? What is the problem? How can I solve it? With win 10 instead everything works well! Help

Then try to this one

could you tell me what is the difference between configuration update, blank, recover, in phone flash tool? And then, after downloading Windows 10 in four parts, extended in rar, what is the procedure to install the latter on the tablet? Thanks in advance

help…help…help…help…thank you

ok, thanks for all the availability granted to me, thanks for the information and the firmware. Thanks again to the management for the help, practically I solved everything!

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could I have the exact same firmware that works well for me, but single boot? So that I can use any hard drive? thank you