CWI520 Hi 12 Android drivers missing, so are correct Windows files

I have a Chuwi Hi 12 Z8350 with serial HI12 Q64G45171100665.
I have tried flashing with Intel Phone Flashing Tool:
Hi12 Andorid cht_cr_mrd_w-flashfiles-userdebug.softteam_P02A_Ilife_C122_E_NG_W_DS_V1.0.7

  • Unfortunately, I used flash.json file and erased all drivers for Android.
  • Screen, sound and wifi is working, so it’s usable.
  • Not working now are, camera, SD reader, most sensors according to app System Info.
    Is it possible to retrieve these drivers?
  • Maybe by installing Windows 10 too?
    The most proper (latest) version seems to be
    Hi12 Windows Z8350 (TP) 170100001-170105000.part0x.rar
    but extraction from downloaded files (from Mediafire) does not function on parts 02 - 07. Parts 01 and 08 are OK. Mediafire offers no support on such an issue.
    Reguards Stig