DC charging pin

Could you help please? I have Laptop Chuwi Hero Book Pro+ 13.3" Intel Celeron J3455 128GB SSD 8GB RAM
I need to replace DC charging pin. What size in milimeters fits for this model? There are a lot, which one fits?

Dc Plugs details as follows,

7.4mm5.0mm For Hp 18.5V 3.5A,19V 4.74A,etc.
2.5mm For Lenovo Asus Toshiba…Laptop Adapter
4.5mm3.0mm For Hp 19.5V3.33A 19.5V4.62A (Blue Tip)
1.35mm For Asus 19V 2.37A,19V3.42A
3.0mm1.1mm For Acer 19V 2.37A,19V 3.42A;for Samsung 19v 2.1a-3.16a; for Asus 19V 2.37A
1.7mm For Lenovo Ideapad 20V 2.25A,20V3.25A
7.9mm5.5mm For Lenovo 20V 3.25A,4.5A
3.0mm For Samsung 19V 2.1A 19V 3.16A 19V4.74A
4.5mm*3.0mm For Dell 19.5V 2.31A 19.5V3.34A

Please help :slight_smile: I can’t charge my laptop. The only way that I can buy it is via internet so I need to know which one fits. Thank you!

Could somebody help please?

Hi Abi99,
I did find that the tip on my Herobook Pro (Not +) is 3.5mm outside diameter x 1.35mm inside diameter x 10mm in length, which doesn’t match anything you have listed above.
I did find several chargers for a Herobook Pro but none that specifically mentioned your Herobook Pro+.
I did check on both eBay and Amazon. I will attach a photo of my charger’s info if it helps.