Digital pencil for hipad plus 11

I was very disappointed that this tablet does not have a specific digital pen, like the Ipad or Samsung tablets of the S6 or S7 series, for example … Is it known if Chuwi will implement a specific digital pencil? If not, what digital pen are you using? The use of a digital pencil is very important for my work. If I cannot use a decent stylus, I will have to discard the tablet.

Greetings and thank you.

Me ha decepcionado mucho que esta tablet no disponga de un lapiz digital específico, como las tablets Ipad o Samsung de la serie S6 o S7, por ejemplo…

Se sabe si Chuwi implementará algun lapiz digital específico?
Si no es así, que lápiz digital estáis usando. para mi trabajo es muy importante el uso de un lapiz digital. Si no puedo utilizar un lápiz digital decente, tendré que descartar la tablet.

Un saludo y gracias.

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Amazon sold the HiPen H6 with the HiPad Plus and a keyboard case as a bundle, but I am trying to get it to work and the forum says that there are no pens that are compatible with the HiPad Plus. Do I need to return everything and get something else?

Upon my inquiry about stylus pens for Hipad plus, I was told by Chuwi that Hipad plus doesn’t support any stylus

HiPad Plus is a big big disappointment for some main reasons:

  • total lack of a stylus

  • total lack of a thin magnetic cover for those who don’t want the bulky heavy keyboard cover (which I purchased, anyway)

  • somewhat weak wifi sensitivity

About the keyboard cover, there is no way to fold it back and disable it, so if you try to grab and use the tablet you always interfere by messing with the still active touchpad and keys. Moreover, its furry surface is a very effective tool to collect tons of dirt and dust. A very silly design.

In the end, I wouldn’t buy it again, very disappointed.

The HiPad Plus seems an incomplete product, sold and abandoned by Chuwi. Now I’m trying to resell it, to buy something better for an actual daily use.

Hipad Plus is a very nice tablet, with a fantastic display and an overall high build quality, but with very irritating drawbacks. An immature/incomplete product.

Still a long road to go, Chuwi :sweat:


I bought a lightweight magnetic cover from AliExpress.

Hi Radek, would you show some actual picture of your HiPad Plus with the cover you bought on aliexpress? :+1:

Definitely that aliexpress cover is not magnetic but pocket type with velcro. As far as I know any magnetic or thin TPU case in our planet at this moment. We have to accept lack of accessary for Chuwi product.

This is the cover. Don’t believe hjchun about cover being not magnetic. There are two small magnets that hold the cover on the tablet.

I don’t think this is a magnetic cover even though there are magnetics. The photo is not common magnetic cover what we have known. If you insist this is magnetic, there shall not be anything in tablet edge. OEM hipad plus or hipad pro keyboard covers are typical magnetic covers.

It is what it is. I own the cover. It’s got magnets.
Since you seem to be a Chuwi employee, I really hope you’re reading the forums and work on the software updates for our tablets.

I was surprised with your offensive and impolite reply. Your manner is the exactly same with the Wuhan corona virus. Magnet cover means a cover can hold a tablet magnetic power only such as OEM ipad or Chuwi cover. It seems I am talking with a people from stone age. If you want whether I am a Chuwi staff or not, you can find my old posts.

This is a forum about Chuwi tablets, for those who made the mistake and bought it. This is my second Chuwi device and I can’t believe myself I felt for it again.
Nobody cares about your nationalistic bs.