Disable DisplayPort and USB-C display connect

There is no display even if I connect a monitor to the DisplayPort and USB-C ports.
It is not detected even in windows 11 settings
Is there any solution?
Lark box X 2023

did you solve the problem? i have a bit similar one. every restart the default output switch to hdmi so i end up with a no signal screen and i have to connect to hdmi first and the switch to dp.
any ideas how to set dp as default on boot?

how you switch to dp??

Can you guys make me a video (not to big, now you can upload videos to the forum directly). Because explainning this in Chinese to tech is quite hard, i prefer they see it :wink: its easier

Some devices might have dedicated display outputs like DisplayPort 1.4 or Thunderbolt 4 which offer different capabilities.