Can't display via DP to HDMI

I can connect my monitor via the HDMI output to the HDMI input on my monitor. There is no problem.
But if I connect my Larkbox to my monitor via DP to HDMI, I just have the Chuwi logo on my monitor on the start, but after I have “HDMI no signal”.
Is my DP port fails?
What can I do?

I have the same problem.

can we get some support from chuwi?

I also have the same problem. I’ve tried displaying via DP to HDMI with various adapters, but at the end it’s always the same. It just doesn’t word. I’m wondering if the port really works or is it maybe that it has to connect DP with DP.

I use 2 monitors: one with HDMI port and the other one with the USB-C port. The problem is that sometimes I do have to use C port for other purposes.

I don’t think that the port is broken since it works in boot phase, it seems rather that there is a problem of drivers, but chuwi refuses to answer us…

Have you tried the official Intel display drivers or are you using the stock Windows provided drivers?

I’ve tried with Intel Driver and Support Assistant and also with the AMD Softaware Adrenalin Edition