Chuwi corebox x displayport not working

hi, I recenlty bought a corebox x (core i7). I connected first monitor through hdmi fine. got a dp to hdmi cable for seond monitor but pc would not detect monitor. Used dp to hdmi adapter same thing. used usb to hdmi adapter same problem. all these worked fine on other pc’s. something is wrong with corebox x it cannot run 2nd monitor which is a huge disappointment since I bought it specifically for that purpose. anyone knows how to fix problem.

I’m in the same boat. I can’t get the Displayport to work. I’ve tried two different DP to HDMI adaptors but no output.

You won’t be able to get a USB to HDMI adaptor to work either as they only work with USB-C ports which include video. Standard USB 3 ports don’t.

While two video ports (HDMI and DP) are physically present on the Corebox-X, it seems as if the DP port isn’t connected and the description on Amazon that it supports two monitors is incorrect. Unless Chuwi want to suggest how we might get it working…?

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you have the same exact problem you got. even on it clearly says multiple monitors. this is obviously a defect in product they need to correct. I am just shocked they have not responded yet. I also emailed them to no avail.

Finding a working support email address for Chuwi has been difficult, but I have had a response this morning on this email address:

They’ve just asked for more details and suggested that maybe the Corebox might need to go back to them for “repair”. I’ve said “No” to sending the box to them, firstly because I don’t see this as an individual box fault, more a design issue, and secondly because there are suggestions that if you send your box to Chuwi you’ll never see it again and they’ll deny every receiving it.

I suggest sending an email to the above address so that they see that the problem applies to more than one PC.

There is also something else to bear in mind: the DP output might only work when connected to a monitor with a DP input. So one like this, for example: Amazon item B07FJMM6LK.

Most DP ports are wired to support passive DP to HDMI converters, but it is just possible that this one isn’t. That’s where we need clarification.

Here’s a quote from a website on the Net about whether DP is HDMI compatible:

“If the DisplayPort output is a Dual mode DisplayPort then it has the ability to recognize and adjust the signal to HDMI when a passive adapter cable is connected. I mentioned this in an earlier video and said that I got lucky. I bought a passive adapter cable and it worked. Sometimes it will and sometimes it won’t. If the DisplayPort graphics card is only a single mode DisplayPort then you must use an active adapter or converter.”

I’m going to try one of these active adaptors tomorrow: Amazon item B07HF9WC35.

I’ll post back tomorrow if that fixes the issue.

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I sent email to service (thanks). I am looking to buy active adapter, not sure how quickly I can do that. Will update here too. Note: it is a product design issue, because older versions of their minipc used to have same problem.

Well I can confirm that the CalDigit active adaptor works perfectly. It’s Amazon product code B07HF9WC35 as stated earlier.

I plugged it into the DP and my monitor into the adaptor and it worked straight off when I booted the PC. Case closed.

I did manage to talk to Chuwi service but the best they could offer was to reinstall the BIOS with potential loss of the Windows key which shows they don’t know much about their products.

Good luck with yours!

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