Do you have the hi10 go manual

Do you have the hi10 go manual?

Hello, if you buy the product, it will include the instruction manual, thank you

i would like to see it before buying the product to be sure the product is good for me. don’t you have an english or italian .pdf of manual?

what do you want to check ?
I just bought it on purpose, I may help you

I would like to check all tech specs. More, as you bought it, can you confirm screen is touchable? Support told hi19 5100 is no more pen compatible. The question is why. What changed with 4500? More: when you use it as tablet, whren you start a internet browser, to virtual keyboard open automatically? Is touchable screen good enough? What can you tell about your positive and negative feelings about this product?

Hello, the N5100 does not support the pen, and also lacks the headphone jack, other things have not changed, thank you

Can you explain why it does not support the pen? Is it the driver for the screen? Or something else?