Does this SSD can work with larkbox(first one)?


Got this one and it is not visible by bios.

Could any one tell me if I need to change it to anothe one? Any suggestion for 1TB?

Hello, I have the same problem as you, if you find a solution, post it


You sure that it accepts NVME? If so, have you checked BIOS if there is anything deactivated related to the drivers?

According to website, it only is compatible with SSD M2 with SATA Protocol. The one you posted the link is NVME, so it won’t work.


Hello, thanks for answering, in my case I used a 500GB M2 SATA WD BLUE instead of the Kingston but it does not appear in the BIOS, but when I connect the Kingston it does appear. I don’t know what it could be due to, I have also tried with a Samsung and the same thing happens to me