CHUWI LarkBox M.2 SSD second drive

Hi I got my CHUWI LarkBox a few days ago. It works fine. But here’s the problem I bought a Sabrent NVMe PCIe GEN 3 M.2 2242 SSD 1T of storage.

I want to use it as a second storage drive, but either Windows Disk Management or BIOS can’t see it.

It is pretty frustrating and I don’t get any help from the website and support of CHUWI.

Thank You in advance for all your help.

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SATA only, you need another one :frowning:


It was not specified in the indiegogo.

Thank You

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Actually,it was,from the very first day… Sad that you missed it :frowning:

For real when I do a find control f on the main campaign page it is not written. But I see it on the official webpage.

My bad life lessons number 12 347 hehehe


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Haha ! Yes,it was mentionned and discussed in the ‘Comments’ section… which is a real mess :crazy_face:
Anyway, that was written… Did you read the ‘Updates’? Not sure if it was said there…

Will it work this one?

Yep, all requirements checked :wink:

I have a problem with my TS512GMTS430S drive.
After LarBox is turned off, the drive remains ON all time. And what about SSD SATA M.2 2242 1TB Dogfish? This will quickly destroy the drive - temperature and always ON.
I think all our LarkBoxes are beta versions, cheapness, only it was.

@Piter unplug from power… That’s all I’ve found so far :frowning:

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Got my Larkbox Friday and am not impressed with it yet. Im using the stock hard drive and wonder if that is why it seems slow to me. Ive built many PCs in the past and own a couple Nvidia Shields so I have a idea how fast things should run. Is it worth it to add a 2242 drive to this? Will I noticed a great increase in performance?
Another question is there a way to use a Ethernet wire on this via an adapter like some do with Firesticks? Thank you for your help

You have to check the ssd, then buy it.
I have TS512GMTS430S.
The drive is working. But my LarkBox doesn’t turn off SSD M.2 drive when I turn off the device.
The disk is working all the time, so I had to remove it and it is on the table.
I think this is a bios bug.

Thx for reply … So is the device fast with m2? I could always unplug it when not in use but not sure if I want to throw good money after bad on a device that will not deliver

onboard hdd chip have read write speed about 250/300 Mb/s, aditional ssd from chuwi is 500/500 Mb/s

What SSD M.2 does Chuwi install in LarkBox? I am asking for EXACT markings on the SSD disk - photo disk?

…there are a number of USB v3.0 to Twisted Pair Ethernet adapters at the link below:


…Kingston spec sheet below:


Here is a picture of the sticker that was on my Larkbox SSD. I removed it when I applied a thermal pad for my cooling approach. Good Luck.

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I had the same problem.
Type “partition” in windows search box. Brings up disk management. This worked for me.

“Or you can DIY to upgrade storage to 1TB(no included) via the M.2 ssd 2242 interface.” is what it says on the official amazon page.

So that is what I put in the search bar to buy. I don’t know about any Indigogo, I’m just a normal consumer reading descriptions on an amazon page, and so your telling me that this 79$ drive i got will not work even though I simply copy and pasted the description to find it on amazon. I’m pretty disappointed with that to say the least.