2TB SSD on CHUWI LarkBox?

Does the CHUWI LarkBox support a 2TB M.2 2242 drive, or is 1TB the maximum?

Does anyone have accurate information on the maximum limit of the expandable M.2 drive?

I don’t have a 2 TB drive to test it with. I wasn’t aware that anyone could fit 2 TB of flash on a 42 mm drive.

I was able to fit a 1 TB 2280 drive without the bottom cover on it.

I don’t know why you need the bottom cover off.
I have this 1TB in my lark box and it works just fine with the cover on it.

And here’s the 2TB

That 2TB is pretty darn expensive if you ask me, but I guess if you feel like you HAVE to have 2 TB of space in a Larkbox, you need to pay it.

When I got the Larkbox, I had a 1TB SATA 2280 M.2 lying around and I didn’t have any 2242 lying around, so I tested the 2280 and had to have the bottom cover off to fit the 2280. I needed to have the bottom cover off because an 80mm drive doesn’t fit in the ~60mm Larkbox.

I use one of my LarkBoxes as a Plex server so I could see the value in 2TB but I ended up going with a 1TB instead and so far its been great.