M.2 drive not found?

I installed a new m.2 512 gb SSD today and when I turned on the lark box Pro and it powered on fine but it never recognized the new drive? I rebooted a few times, uninstalled the drive and reinstalled it to no avail… Any suggestions on how to get it to read it?

Here is a picture showing the drive installed and powered on… pic of installed drive

Hi, have you try to enter in bios to recognise it?

How exactly do I do that?

When you press the power button press a few times in the keyboard the Esc key, be very carefull, do not change anything if you are not shure what you doing, or you can brick your larkbox.
Good luck.

i suggest you stay away from the bios settings. some options can kill your larkbox for good. talking from experience and chuwi can do absolutely nothing about a bricked larkbox.