Donde comprar cargador

Donde comprar cargador (12V 3A). para Chuwi Lapbook Air

Aunque hace tiempo de esto, contesto por si alguien más estando buscando, para que pregunte a mis compañeros que quizás tengan algún repuesto.

If you want it:
Go to you ,

Select your zone up right side(Europe/USA etcc)
Menu-Explore -Contact us- Aftersales Service
-Fill the form(is important to fill this and not write a simple email)

-Dont forget to write your Serial Number /Where are you from/When did
you buy it(warranty purpose)/Where did you buy it

  • My colleagues will answer you telling if we have stock or not and
    shipping prices and cost.

  • They answer normally in 48/72h, if not, write me and i will check in case it went to Spam.

  • If possible in English language (they dont understand any other language)