Driver Chuwi Herobook Pro

Hello I need Herobook pro Drivers I have no sound after installing windows pls help me!


Hello After installing the drivers I have still This problem

Uninstall audio driver then try this win7_win8_win81_r272 or this Realtek ALC269 Sound Driver | Device Drivers

I have do it but it’s not working

Your audio device is defined as ESAuDriver, but must be Realtek.
Write to, maybe your laptop has a different audio codec.
Or try to find the drivers yourself by the VID and PID code.

I have the exact same problem. I have tried installing the drivers as mentioned above, but no joy.

No reply from Chuwi either…

@Nawid.safi.123 did you find a solution?

No i have not fond the issue

i didn’t get contact from chuwi service pls help me CHUWI X312B
Multimedia Audio problem

same problem here :zipper_mouth_face: any found a solution?

Hallo everyone after one week I found the way how to solve it.
Follow this way it works 100% first start windows on safe mode and and turn off windows security if it’s possible and install all driver’s :slightly_smiling_face: finish restart your computer everything works good :+1:!

Sir can you give me a Bios file for Herobook pro. My screen is black,

This is for GH116 motherboard. If you have 115 write to

Esos controladores no sirven, ya lo intente con todos

Hello all,

After all the struggle I managed to fix it myself. It is actually pretty easy if you know what to do.
I currently have Chuwi HeroBook Pro with Intel Celeron N4020.
NOTE: Your CPU might be different.

Steps to find the drivers:

  1. Open device manager (Press CTRL+R and write devmgmt.msc and press ENTER)
  2. Locate missing drivers with yellow exclamation mark
  3. Double click on the drivers (Small windows should pop up)
  4. Select Properties (3rd tab)
  5. Go through every option that your device shows. One of them should show something like
    DEVTYPE_{Some number}&VEN_{Some number}&DEV_{Some number}
    Copy the VEN and DEV Number to Google as shown in example.



  1. Find the website that might have the driver (I preffer to use
  2. Try and download some of the drivers until you succeed.

For me the sound was fixed after I installed Intel ISST and other file named u1si03afcja0.exe
If anyone else wants to try their luck. Here are the files which I used to get every device recognized.
Files are available on


NOTE: Those files might not work for you. That was only for my setup.
Please follow the guide to get the drivers you actually need!


for printer driver, you can visit: here

have nice day bosss

This is very helpful! Thank you! But would you be so kind as to provide a step-by-step procedure on how you get every device recognized using these files?

Looking forward to your next helpful message. :slight_smile:

gracias por tu ayuda, no me sirvieron precisamente los controladores que dejaste, pero si me sirvio mucho la pagina que recomendaste y pude ir actualizando controlador por controlador hasta solucionar el problema, ya llevaba varios meses sin poder solucionarlo…