Driver Chuwi Herobook Pro

Hello I need Herobook pro Drivers I have no sound after installing windows pls help me!


Hello After installing the drivers I have still This problem

Uninstall audio driver then try this win7_win8_win81_r272 or this Realtek ALC269 Sound Driver | Device Drivers

I have do it but it’s not working

Your audio device is defined as ESAuDriver, but must be Realtek.
Write to, maybe your laptop has a different audio codec.
Or try to find the drivers yourself by the VID and PID code.

I have the exact same problem. I have tried installing the drivers as mentioned above, but no joy.

No reply from Chuwi either…

@Nawid.safi.123 did you find a solution?

No i have not fond the issue

i didn’t get contact from chuwi service pls help me CHUWI X312B
Multimedia Audio problem

same problem here :zipper_mouth_face: any found a solution?

Hallo everyone after one week I found the way how to solve it.
Follow this way it works 100% first start windows on safe mode and and turn off windows security if it’s possible and install all driver’s :slightly_smiling_face: finish restart your computer everything works good :+1:!

Sir can you give me a Bios file for Herobook pro. My screen is black,

This is for GH116 motherboard. If you have 115 write to