Driver Audio Herobook PRO

hello, after install Windows LTSC, Windows dont install audio driver, i try the drivers from link MediaFire GLK but system cant recognize, i try reistall another window same problem, i downloaded the complete european image from chuwi and same problem.


i try downloaded from diver easy and 2 more software but i cant solve.
(note: before reinstall window, audio system working)


If you see in device manager ESAuDriver instead of Realtek audio device, then you have different version of laptop and standard drivers are not suitable for you. Try to contact with

In my case everything seems normal, but the sound does not appear … I have the ESAuDriver installed and a Realtek driver does not accept me.

same problem… I have tried everything.
I restored a windows image/copy from another Herobook Pro (where audio is fine) and it still doesnt work.
So this is very confusing because drivers shoud be the correct ones.
Please does anyone can help??

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Ninguna seriedad con esta marca a difundir / No seriousness with this brand to spread

Hello All,

I’ve posted a solution to this thread.
I hope you’ll find it useful


I have found the solution, Download the drivers from the link here . First, install the u1si02afcja0 driver then install Audio_Realtek_6.0.9038.1_W10x64_A driver. If an error states that directory cannot be created just press ok or cancel and try install again and it should work , Audio Driver Download


I had the same problem but with your solution it works fine now. There remains the problem of the wifi card. thank you

i have this laptop close for months and now see you post and works brother. thank you


Muchas gracias por la información-
He conseguido actualizarlos los drivers de sonido siguiendo tus instrucciones.
Mi equipo es un herobook Pro 14,1" con Intel Celeron 4020.
Repito muchísimas gracias.

Un millón de gracias, de verdad.

Hola amigo, solo me registre para darte las gracias, absolutamente nada funcionaba pero seguí tus pasos al pie de la letra y funciono. Thank you friend.

I created an account just to appreciate you. This fixed the exact same problem for me. Muchos gracias.

it might be driver problem but check if the sound service is running in background or not. .

Hermano tengo problemas, no sé cómo instalar la carpeta del audio Realtek, ¿o que es lo que tengo que instalar de dicha carpeta?

solo me registre para darte las gracias , me funciono a la perfección con tus instrucciones y archivos, saludos .

I only registered to thank you, it worked perfectly with your instructions and files, regards.

Thank you so much for your explication, it help us a lot

I Have spent many tireless hours on this solution, and to know that I am helping many of you all makes me very happy.

I had this problem for months,tried a different drivers etc. then i decided to install windows 11 and it worked.
Now im trying to copy all drivers and install them on windows 10.