Drivers and OS (Android+Windows) for Hi10 X Celeron N4100

Hi! My serial number is Q128G20033407.
I’m looking for Bios update, Win 10 drivers and Dual boot with Android. I found thoose for Z85xx cpu, I don’t know if it’S the same with my CPU

Seems like so many posts are about drivers and firmware. Would it be so hard to provide a download site with drivers/firmware for every device manufactured? Absolutely insane. I’m also looking for windows device drivers for the new herobox based on celeron N4100 chipset/processor.

There is no bios updates and android (officially) for this model. Please don’t update camera driver if it works correctly.

This device is almost like a desktop computer, you do not need specific drivers, you can update drivers from intel , drivers for lan\bt\sound
windows will install itself.