Drivers required for CW1529

Ive recently managed to delete the windows partition whilst trying to reinstall windows on my Chuwi CW1529 H10 HQ64G42171102028, I have managed to reinstall windows 10 latest version but sadly:

The screen is sideways on
There is no wifi
Touch screen doesn’t work
There is no audio

These are the 4 main things that dont work and i’m not sure where to look, i’ve downloaded many drivers from here but none of them seem to do anything as they are not .exe drivers so i have to go to the device manager and update drivers from there. Windows is avtivated and everything works with the duel boot but these faults are like this and im not sure if there is anything else that can be done.

Can anyone advise me further in this matter.

Thanks in advance.


First step, try the Intel Driver and Support Assistant.

Most Intel drivers are customized by OEMs. The OEMs can also determine the outputs from the Intel chips themselves. What hangs where on the chips is configured in the Intel drivers via the drivers’ Inf files.

This is why the “standard drivers” often do not work. The support assistant examines the configuration of the system and looks for the appropriate, adapted Intel driver.

Thank You so much for youre quick reply :))) I succesfully installed this tool and gained the driver for the display but unfortunatly not the touch screen,.windows update managed to find the wifi after plugging in a wifi dongle.
i’m now seekiing just:

The touch screen and the audio driver.

windows is now fully up to date and no other optional drivers are found :(.
I have tried an audio driver from the all drivers 64 bit section and its installed it but sadly no sound is coming from the speakers and i still have 7 unknown devices in the device management section, whichi dont think will be an issue if the touch screen and audio was found.

Thank you so much once again for youre reply MarMai.

Have a look in the Windows device manager to see which hardware IDs the two devices have.

PCI \ VEN_xxxx & DEV_xxxx & SUBSYS_xxx …

You can find it in the Device Manager - Right click on device - properties - details - hadware id

Okay not quite sure of which it would be so here is a list of all the unknown devices:






and the sound one thats installed but doesnt work is ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_22A8

I did manage to find another which was the Bluetooth and thats installed ok.

i really do appreciate youre help with this, it has been a head scratcher for me this one.



ACPI\VEN_10EC&DEV_5651 = Realtek I2S Audio Codec

ACPI\VEN_GCTI&DEV_2355&SUBSYS_INTL0000 = Intel Camera Sensor Unicam gc2355

ACPI\VEN_MSS&DEV_1680 = KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C

ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33FE = Intel(R) Battery Management Device

ACPI\VEN_GCTI&DEV_2355&SUBSYS_INTL0000 = Intel Camera Sensor Unicam gc2355

ACPI\VEN_8086&DEV_22A8 = Intel SST Audio Device

All devices are ACPI devices. The drivers are usually also included in the Windows update program. Looks like the Intel chipset drivers are not, or not fully installed.

Downloads für Chipsätze (

Otherwise there is the driver package from chuwi.
chuwihi10prodriver (

[Hi10 Pro] [Official Version] Chuwi Hi10 Pro Windows, Android, Bios, Driver, tutorial Download - Download&Tutorial - CHUWI | Official Forum

Unzip the file archive. Select Update driver in the device manager and select the path of the unzipped archive.

Fantastic everything baring the cameras and the touch screen is now working :)))

The touch screen did intall but once i try to calibrate it sort of works but way off.

I downloaded the chuwihi10prodriver pack and did what you said for install but the cameras are still not recognised and i tried unistalling and rebooting to try again but same result.

So when all the drivers are installed, I have no more ideas.
You could try other drivers.

Just look for the hardware IDs and google it.
Or take a look at Windows Update under optional updates. Alternative drivers are often also listed there.