Files links request for Vi10 SN: V32G22160308764


My son bought a used Vi10 ( SN: V32G22160308764) from a friend and the equipment came without an operating system (neither android, nor windows)

I looked for the information in the support forum but I didn’t find the links to the files I need.

I ask you to be informed:

  1. Link to Windows reinstallation files

2.Link to Android reinstall files.

  1. Bios file, which I believe has the wrong version.

Thank you in advance!.

Alexandre Camargo Maia

It’s strange. It doesn’t seem to be our product.The 1511 is the last batch of this device, and this is 1603.

Hi! This is the back of the device. It came in a Chuwi box, with an chuwi ac adapter…

The model writed in the back is CWI514, may be this an prototype?

The device has 2gb ram, and an eMMC with 32gb. The processor is a X5 8300 and the wireless card is an broadcom device.

Can you indicicate the correct MS Windows setup for it?

Thank you!

Try this one
It’s worth noting that you need to ignore the BIOS inside.

Thank you for that indication.

I´m in Brazil, after my work hours I will try it, and will send my feedback!

Best regards,

Alexandre Camargo Maia

Hello! The files worked! The device is fully operational (including cameras and card reader).

Thank you so much for your attention and quick feedback. :grinning: :grinning: