Flash Black screen on Herobook

Dear all,

I recently got a Herobook Pro (with Windows 10) and unfortunately I am randomly experiencing a small malfunction on the screen. During the standard use of laptop with just an internet browser and a word document I had a few times the screen turning completely black for a couple of seconds and then come back as normal. In a couple of hours can happen easily 4 or 5 times with no particular connection to what I am doing specifically in that moment. I downloaded all the updates available but the problem still persists .

Can you help me out to understand what is the cause of this and how can I sort this out?


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Tengo ese problema, el detalle es que ahora ya no quiere dar vídeo, tengo que conectar un monitor para poder trabajar, ya instale win 11 y sigue igual, ya instale win 10 y sigue igual, instale los controladores y sigue igual, ayuda