FOTAProvider App

My new Hi9 Plus was shipped with FOTAProvider installed as a system app. Unfortunately, this is reported as a fairly serious Trojan virus by a few tech websites. It is not normally detected by Malwarebytes, but I have forced it to stop as often as I can, but it is on a persistent load and it is not available to disable even as the admin. Do you have any information on this as a virus, or can you tell us the purpose of this app???
In Edition, the App Font Manager was flagged by Symantec as being a dangerous app as well. That was successfully disabled. Also I have been working on a tablet with 8.1 installed and it provides a Startup Management option that allows you to enable/disable apps that stat on boot as part of the normal operating system. Is there anyway we can get this activated 8n our version of Android???
So far, I love my tablet. It works great with Mint Mobile in the heart of the Bay Area ihere in California. Mint 8snagreat option, a subsidiary 9fnTMobile, but if you an afford it buy the entire first year at the introductory price, otherwise, they are not so less expensive the second year.
Thank you for a great product… we get rid of the persistent viruses in manufacturing, please.

I have no information about it. You should contact and transfer your questions to that department