Hi9 Plus issues complains

I bought some months ago an HI9 Plus bundled with pen and keyboard
My first surprise was that can’t be updated !!!
When I asked why … you answer me that was not planned … so that I have a tablet with a security update old of more than one year …
I had several random resetting troubles so I decided to update to the last package shown on your site … during the update it ERASED completely my SDcard and not recoverable at all even with the most sophisticated recovering software :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:
Now it’s resetting very often without any reason and it’s discharging afetr few hours even without using it …

A serious company have to replace with a brand new and CHECKED device or fully refund after a similar fault … are you serious or not ?

Useles to say that I’m furious and that, if nothing happen, I will do my best to say to everybody to don’t buy a CHUWI device for any reason and any price !

That’s it !

I have always said that more is achieved by asking than demanding.

You have made it very clear, you, and only you performed an installation of a system, eliminating the one that came standard.
No one told him from Chuwi, who did report on this site that, for reasons beyond his control, he was unable to offer software updates, as Mediatek had abandoned driver development for its X2* series processors.
We do not know if you used the right one for your tablet, matching the serial number. Nor if he used the right tools and if the process ended correctly.
If you need a specific rom, you must request it to service@chuwi.com, who will provide you with the link for downloading and the precise instructions if necessary.
I have a Hi9 Plus for more than a year and a half and, while it is true that it does not have updates to Android 9, it does work correctly without any problem of crashes, lags or system errors. It is also true that I have not touched the origin system at all.

I update my Hi9 Plus just because I received a link from the official Chuwi site …this .

and the result is a nightmare …

Does your tablet have a red power button?

Yes …
and to be very clear I did the update because it was malfunctioning … as you may see on the link I provided I did ONLY what is specified on this official site and nothing more than this …
… for your reference I’m an electronic engineer use to design, in the past, personal computer motherboards … I know very well what to do … and not to do !
I dont know your role … if you are from CHUWI … well give me an help before I will throw this tablet from the window !

thank you