Hello - here for the giveaway only

As the Corebook giveaway requires a post - here it is. I don’t have much else to say as I don’t own a Chuwi :wink:


same here, good luck!


same here, good luck!

Welcome all. Good luck.

wishing myself and others goodluck

Good luck! My corebook X 14 got stolen, need a replacement…

Same here lol but it’s a budget laptop

Yes, I’m here because there is a giveaway but I’m also interested in learning more about the Technology of Chuwi’s Devices.
Good luck Everyone

Welcome everyone and good luck

Hi everybody, I´m owner from one hi10 pro and a Hi10 plus… I´m looking for BIOS to my Hi10 Pro.
I will be here reading about this.

Regards from Spain :wink: