Help me out with the tablet

I got a CHUWI Hi10 pro from the flea market, could anyone tell me how to update android system or flash it to remixos. Or just mix two system to one system.Thanks.

Hello, Hi10 Pro is meant to work with windows 10. HiPad is meant to work with Android. Now if your Hi10 is been format to run Android, in my opinion, i would install Linux on it, or try to see if it still contain the Win10 partition and restore it. Now if you do have to run it with Android, which one did they installed ? the HiPad X is running on Android 10. ‘‘due to limited storage on the internal memory, i would go with one OS’’. Just a random opinion, hope it helps you to align your search :slight_smile: Good luck.

thank you for your answer, but i would like to know that after i flashed the mixos, would my duo system will be replaced and mix two partition to one.

I have never used a tablet with 2 OS in it, i could not tell.

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