Chuwi hi10 Air not pro

Hello all,

I just purchased this tablet so far i am happy with it however i did not realize that the pro was the dual boot tablet so, i understand that i can not put android on the main hard drive but, am i able to make a android bootable usb drive and run that way if so can you direct me to the correct drivers and firmware that i will need to download? I have SN: Hi10 air Q64g190606574
thank you for your time

What’s new is it possible to start your tablet on Android since no drivers have been published for the Hi10 Air processor, which is different from the Hi10Pro processor. What you can try is to have Android within Windows using an emulator such as Bluestacks, Nox or VMware / Virtual box

Did not want to do that since windows hogs the 64gb hard drive

Mail]( for Windows 10