Hi Game Mini PC Graphic Card Upgrade

Hi guys

I am pleased with my mini PC and its performance generally. However there are certain tasks in 3D modeling which it lags and I was wondering if I could change the graphic card/GPU in my PC. I was not sure which ones would be compatible with this, can you please list down a few of the best match GPU upgrades possible for Hi- Game mini PC ?

The GPU is soldered and is part of the CPU, so it cannot be changed.

Is there any other way to upgrade the GPU ?

Probably only external GPU.

Externals GPU not recognized by BIOS …

See video-> https://youtu.be/3CFdmCB-BjU?t=19m31s

Thanks for your replies.

I have two questions:

  1. Is it advisable to use eGPUs with Hi-Game Mini PC ?

  2. Which are the most compatible ones with Hi-Game ? A few names would be helpful to choose one.

Isnt this video for Larkbox? I have a Hi-Game

Oh yes! Sorry I made a mistake. The video it´s for a Larkbox…

Can someone list a few recommended eGPU’s for Hi-Game?