Hi10 Air never gets past "sign in"

I have Dementia, so I’ll admit my brain fails me too often.
I have owned the Air Tablet around 2 years.
I have a win 10 Air with no english information.
I think I am using the correct port for charging except I have no idea what the charger looks like and the chinese are quick to ask what charger I am using, as if another charger voids the warranty! That is a bad joke because from what I have read on this forum there apparently is no warranty. OK, enough of that.
I have a bootable Win 10 flash drive but have no idea which port to plug it into before I turn on the tablet. I also need to install Android and have no information
Can anyone confirm which ports are for what?

Hi10 Air officially don’t support android.

Type-c for data transfer and charging, micro-usb for data transfer. You can use any port to boot from usb but you will need an external keyboard. To boot from usb press and hold F7, then in boot menu choose your usb drive.

Bro need help . I just install windows 10 but neither touch nor wifi working in my hi10 air.

I can’t copy drivers to tablet as usb extension not working and type c port don’t support keyboard or mouse.