Hi10 Go drivers

Awesome @iuwu871 ! Thank you

Hello. bought a Chuwi HI 10 Go tablet. When updating the operating system the screen no longer responds to the touch and the sound also does not work. I need some help. Thank you.

Same here.
I’ve made a clean install of Windows 11 (i needed a Pro Version).
Everything works fine except touch wich works as reversed and i can’t figure out how to fix it.

Come li installo questi driver?

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I want to know how to install the driver at the top.

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I receive my Chuwi Hi 10 Go Model CWI513 three days ago, but the screen keeps black whatever I do.
It has the Jasper Lake processor Intel N5100 inside. Do you know if the image available on JXX-JX-10.1-S102JWR100-JC86B-062-D(N4500) works for my Hi 10 Go version?
Maybe no, due to (N4500) labeled on the link name and the Hi pen feature divergence between both models. :-/
Anyway, if someone has the right link, the serial number is JHi 10GEW1H211102318.

Hi Chuwi suffers like me.
Giving just an update on my unsuccessfullness case.
I gave up to talk with Chuwi. I opened an complaint on Paypal and Chuwi didn’t reply as expected.
Paypal refund the product + shipment cost.
I paid almost 100% custom taxes (Brazil) and this amount, PayPal won’t refund obviously.
Now I’m with a dead but nationalized tablet.
So I opened it

(Yes, I lost the warranty. But what exactly warranty means on Chuwi’'s world?) and found a QR code with this contents N2109023B100058#S102JWR120-JC86B. Now I almost know from where do you get the BIOS file name like JXX-JX-10.1-S102JWR100-JC86B-062-D(N4500) 14.
I hope one day to find the file and try resurrect my tablet.

In case anyone needs Windows 10 drivers after fresh reinstall…

hello, I’m having a very difficult thing, my touchscreen doesn’t work after the windows 11 update, does anyone have a touchscreen driver? please

Hi there, if your hardware version is with N5100, you can try the above driver set.

Will this device get OTA bios update or do we have to search and update manually? Appreciate if someone can share the link if available. I’m having battery drain even when device is shutdown and hoping an updated bios will help. Cheers!

how to install on windows 10?

Hi all,

I made an account just to share my solution to reversed touchscreen axes problem.
For me it began just after downgrading Win11 to Win10 - sound was gone, touchscreen not working at all. Most issues were solved using @alvinddm drivers package (thx for that), but reversed axes (both X and Y) persisted. I tried all the solutions found on the Internet, but none worked, so I started experimenting. After some time I downloaded an old GoodixTouchDriver from the Lenovo support site (.exe file, just unpacked it, obviously it couldn’t be installed properly). Then I replaced existing new (made in 2021 - 105 kB in size) GoodixTouchDriver.sys file with the old one (made in 2015 - 110kB in size) - it was the only file I changed. Then I installed GoodixTouchDriver Device driver using Device Manager and voila - everything’s fine now. No need to edit touchscreen.gt file, updating anything or installing any additional software. Below you can find the link to the correct driver, just download and install, replacing the old one.


Let us know if this helped you too.


Fiz downgrade do windows 11 para o 10 e não precisei voltar para o 11 nem restaurar a imagem continue no windows 10.
Eu usei o pacote de drives da @iuwu871 (ajudou a instalar muitos drivers) mas o touch não voltou, para voltar usem esse link do mega e a seguinte instrução:

Abra a pasta goodixtouchdriver
Clique com o botão direito em goodixtouchdriver (informações de configuração) e aperte em instalar, permita tudo logo o touchscreen voltará.

olá, estou com mesmo problema porém não deu certo comigo, o touch funciona descalibrado.
Tem alguma dica?

Thank you for your contribution, but the link controller continues with that problem. Could you please provide us with another solution or share the necessary files to carry out the process you mentioned.

can u pls tell us how to use this set ?

i found the way ! thank u bro

I drop a link and how to install all driver in here for our future if we needed

  1. Driver:
    N5100Hi10Go.rar - Google Drive

  2. How to install all driver: InstallAllInOne.zip - Google Drive

In case you cant download pls contact me though mail: duynq2197@gmail.com

Updated. I resolve this error (Inverted touch in CHUWI Hi10Go N5100)

Please read REAME.txt carefully.
Because of i dont know exactly what i do so i note everything i did. But its work now

CHUWI Hi10 GO N5100 (WINDOW 10 - INSTALL FROM IMAGE of iuwu871)

After all, i make sure that maybe goodix… driver is ok. But something other is not right. So its cause inverted touch. So try to install full driver is not a bad idea.