[Hi10] [Official Version] [Dualboot] Chuwi Hi10 Windows + Android + Bios

Where can I find the link for bios Hi10 Plus with serial number PQ64G42160801707 ?

White to service@chuwi.com

@Management I need the latest Android update for serial # Q64G42161203853

There are no Android updates, only the 5.1 source as Intel stopped releasing Android drivers for new versions of this operating system

Hi guys. Need firmware files Windows, android and BIOS for Hq64g42170701888

Touch not working on Android and malfunctioning on Windows after a failed update

hello. can i please have dualboot for hi10 cw1515. Serial number: Q64G4216050654

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Hi, I need dual boot for Windows 10 for Hi10 Q64G42160503047. Please give me the link.

Is the thread dead? Why no one replies? Hey there!!!

Please, model number? Dualboot or only Windows?


Model Q64G42160503047, need dual boot… Cwi515

Anyone alive there? Model Q64G42160503047, need dual boot… Cwi515

Hi, can I install/reinstall only android on my Q64G42160503047, Cwi515? If yes, please give the link to the firmware file. Thank you.

HI10 V400android 1605 8300
[Hi10 Plus] [TUTORIAL] Remove Windows on the Dual Boot tablet.

Hi, can you provide me bios, android and windows firmware for my Hi10 with SN Q64G42161210599
Plus tutorial how to install it in single OS (android or windows)

PLEASE I need drivers, android and windows for Q64G42161201882
and how can I installed?

Hi @Management, I need android for Chuwi Hi10 HQ64G42171101563 Model CW1529