[Hi10 Plus] [TUTORIAL] Remove Windows on the Dual Boot tablet

You use more Android than Windows in the dual boot Tablet and you are considering leaving all the space available for Android, this thread can help you achieve it:
To leave all the space available for Android according to my experience these steps that anyone can do, paying attention to some details before getting down to work.
Each one is responsible for the modifications that he makes in his team, these steps have been checked and everything has gone well.

-It is advisable to make a copy of the security of the computer in its current state.
-Download and install the Intel Phone Flash Tool.
-Rom original for the tablet, verifying the serial number and processor of the computer to download the correct Rom from the downloads section of this forum.
-Windows computer
-More than 50% battery in the tablet
-Cable Type-C to be the original

  • Modified file gpt.bin

Download Phone Flash and .bin Files

-We install the Phone Flash Tool program in the computer together with the drivers that come in the folder.

-Download the official ROM on the computer and unzip the folder, we see that inside there is a file called gpt.bin we have to replace that file with the gpt_53g.bin called Mega folder and in turn we have to change the name as gpt.bin to this new file that we will add to the contents of the Rom.

**What are the other gpt_XXg.bin files inside the Mega download link?
With those files we can play with the Android partition, for example, if we want to have 8GB free in Android we have to use the so-called gptT_8g.bin, the one of 16 to have 16Gb and so on. This type of partial modification I do not see it useful because we will lose a necessary space in Windows and when installing updates can cause problems.

We continue with steps to have the Tablet with only Android with all the available space.
We begin the process that will erase all the data we have inside.

-We start the tablet in Windows to suppress the dual boot menu:

  • You run the SwitchNOW application from the shortcut on the Windows desktop.
    -You click on No when the question pops up Are you sure to switch to Android?
    -Select disable.
    -Switch off the tablet

-We opened Phone Flash Tool as administrator.

  • Browse Browse the rom for tablet where we have previously modified the gpt.bin file and select the option flash.json
    -With the tablet off, we press the three buttons at the same time without releasing them until we get the DNXFASTBOlOT MODE mode on the screen.
    -Connect the tablet with the USB Type-C cable to the computer and this has to be detected by the Intel program.
    -We mark the box with the Recover option
    -Initialize the flash of the rom with that in the tablet we will get the android logo and some yellow letters until the installation of the rom is finished, where the tablet will automatically restart where we will have in the internal memory all the free space for Android.

    The photos are in Spanish, I’m sorry if you do not understand any part of the photo, you can ask before doing the process.
    Tested on a Hi10 Plus and everything works perfect, this process should work on all 64Gb dual boot tablets. Before doing this process evaluate that Windows disappears from the computer so it is important to not forget to do the step of removing the dual boot menu as indicated in this tutorial.Good luck.

Hi and thank you for your guide.
I’ve Hi 10 Plus CWI527 - LQ64G42171106496, where could I find the right ROM version for my tablet?
I would like to remove windows from dual boot, this guide is the correct one for my Model?

Thank you

Android :

Yes this guide is the correct one for your Model

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@manonegra222 Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Hello. Thank you for your tutorial. Can these steps work on a Chuwi Hi10 Pro (Z8350) with 32GB?
Thanks in advance, best regards. paolo

Yes, but you need to use the specific Android of your tablet from the downloads section

Hello. I have used you tutorial on my Hi10 Pro z8350 with 64gb. It works good. Is there a way to use all of the 64Gb because with this tutorial you use only 53Gb with the renamed gpt.bin (from gpt_53g.bin). Can we have a gpt_64g.bin file to have all the 64gb ¿ best regards to all

No, I don’t have a file of that size

I’ve Hi 10 Plus CWI527 - LQ64G42171106496, where could I find the right ROM version for my tablet?
I would like to remove windows from dual boot, could you please send link again where i can download it again


Добрый день! У меня CHUWI Hi10 Plus (CWI527) LQ64G42180100638.

  1. Прошу выслать оригинальную прошивку Android.
  2. Делал отключение Windows и расширение памяти для Андройда, все было хорошо, через месяц CHUWI перестал загружаться. Все прошивки что были остались на старом ноутбуке, на новом ничего нет. Покапав в интернете установил ПО, драйвера, скачал пару версий прошивок, но во время прошивки получаю ошибку

“06/09/20 13:24:24.418 ERROR : [Port 0/4] Command "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Platform Flash Tool Lite\fastboot.exe" "-s" "EMMC00340188" "flash" "gpt" "C:\Users\anb\Downloads\Android\gpt.bin" failed
06/09/20 13:24:24.418 ERROR : [Port 0/4] Flash failed (Command type: Fastboot)”

  1. На CHUWI отображает следующее (см. Приложение).

Подскажите, что делаю не так? или куда смотреть?